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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 7, Issue 2, Published on 31, December 2021

Pages: 5-13
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A Review on concerns about soil quality and innovative methods for improving soil health

Author: Aqsa, Nafisa Kanwal

Category: Review Article


Soil health is a major concern of the agriculture sector, instead of playing a critical role in food production healthy soil encompasses multifunctional capacity viz ecosystem services, nutrient cycling. Rapidly increasing population and urbanization enhance pressure on the farming system which severely affects soil fertility and health. Addressing challenges related to food security has often led to agricultural practices that neglect the soil's multifunctionality and health, resulting in reduced ecosystem service, degraded soils, and eventually, crop failure. Hence, to overcome soil degradation, the use of the innovative method is an effective approach that ameliorates the soil depleted pool against conventional method, have own setbacks. In this review, we have highlighted some innovative methods viz soil amendment, phytoremediation, PGPR as a biocontrol agent, grazing management, and adaption of conservation tillage. In this literature, all these methods have shown efficient results for addressing the soil health conservation and food security challenges from the degraded soils with economic feasibility.

Keywords: microbes, PGPR, soil, soil conservation