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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 8, Issue 2, Published on 31, December 2022

Pages: 21-30
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Augmentation of parametric with rank based measures for stable performance of Faba bean (Vicia faba) genotypes

Author: Rajesh Kumar Arya, Gajraj Singh Dahiya, Vandana, Sunita Verma, Ajay Verma

Category: Research Article


Faba bean genotypes were evaluated under for long term experiments by parametric and rank based measures of stability at CCSHAU, Hisar during 2015-16 to 2019-20. Higher yielder HB14.32, HB14-18, HB14-14 genotypes were also selected by Geometric as well as by Harmonic means. Squared deviations from regression selected HB14-15, HB14-18, and HB14-31 genotypes. Shukla’s measure pointed for HB14-40, HB14-15, and HB14-16. Dynamic stability of Wricke ecovalence observed suitability of HB14-15, HB14-40, and HB14-07. Superiority measure Pi favoured the HB14.32, HB14-18 HB 14-14. Moreover higher R2i values expressed by HB14-18, HB14-22, HB14-31 genotypes. Rank based Sis selected HB14-18, HB 14-15, HB14-40 genotypes, while genotypes HB14-15, HB14-40, HB14-36 HB 14-43 pointed by corrected rank based measures CSis. Composite measures NPi(1), NPi(2), NPi(3) and NPi(4) pointed for HB14-15, HB14-40, HB14-07 as genotypes for wide area cultivation. Biplot analysis found 68.3 % of the total variation accounted by First two PCA. Clustering pattern observed bigger group joined Z2 , W2i ,SDR, S2di, and Si1, Si2, Si3, Si4, Si5, Si6, Si7 other of S2xi. Highly significant positive correlation with GAI, HM, bi, NPi(2), NPi(3), NPi(4) and negative notably with Pi, AvgR values. CSis measures expressed strong positive with Sis and with σ2i S2xi W2i R2i parametric measures. Composite measures NPi(1), NPi(2), NPi(3), NPi(4) also expressed strong positive with parametric measures σ2i ,S2xi W2i , R2i. Parametric and rank based measures would be augmented to make selection of genotypes.

Keywords: biplot, faba bean, genotypes, parametric