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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 8, Issue 2, Published on 31, December 2022

Pages: 92-103
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Micronutrients and plant growth regulators affecting the yield and quality of fruit crops: A review

Author: Devi Darshan, Debashish Hota, Reema Devi, Jitendra Kumar Shukla

Category: Research Article


The application of micronutrients and plant growth regulators has a greater impact on enhancing plant productive efficiency by altering various aspects of horticultural attributes like a biometric response, fruiting potential, and qualitative parameters. All metabolic and cellular processes of fruit crops are influenced by micronutrients. The role of boron and zinc are well-known for nitrogen metabolism, cell division, and hormonal regulation which ultimately end with proliferation in flowering and fruiting by increasing fruit set and reducing fruit drop. The role of plant growth regulators (PGR) in plants in changing or normalizing the physiological cycle to create better plant health is well known. Hence, the combination of both these growth-promoting substances (micronutrients and PGR) in an optimum amount can positively and significantly influence the physiological activities of the plant. However, the literature regarding the combined effect of micronutrients and PGR on fruit crops is very limited. So this review paper focuses on the combined effect of these plant bio-stimulants, showcasing their remarkable role in fruit production.

Keywords: fruit quality, fruit yield, plant growth regulator, micronutrients