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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 8, Issue 2, Published on 31, December 2022

Pages: 192-205
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Impact assessment of seedling age on soil properties, nutrient uptake and quality of sweet corn (Zea mays saccharata L.) under different sources of nutrients

Author: Bisma Jan, M. Anwar Bhat, Tauseef A. Bhat, Aijaz Nazir, Khursheed Ahmad Dar, Tajamul Mansoor, Nasir Bashir Naikoo; Zahoor Ahmad Dar, Audil Gull

Category: Research Article


To determine the effect of the age of seedlings under different sources of nutrients on soil properties, nutrient uptake, and quality of the sweet corn, an experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with factorial arrangement during the Kharif season of 2020. The experiment consisted of two factors: seedling ages (12, 22, and 32 days old) and nutrient sources (control, RDF, ½ RDF + FYM, ½ RDF + VC, and ½ RDF + PM). Organic sources of nutrients viz. FYM, vermicompost, and poultry manure were given on N equivalent basis. Results showed that transplanting 22 days old seedlings performed better and recorded higher NPK uptake in grain as well as stover with a significant difference, which was directly associated with its high dry matter accumulation. However, no significant difference was observed in the nutrient content of N, P, and K. Significantly higher grain and stover yield was realized by transplanting 22 days old seedlings. Application of ½ RDF + PM led to a significant increase in nutrient content and uptake in both grain and stover as compared to the sole application of RDF. The higher nutrient uptake was ultimately responsible for a higher yield of sweet corn. Application of ½ RDF + FYM was statistically at par with ½ RDF + VC to nutrient uptake and yield. The quality of kernels in terms of TSS, protein, Fe, and Zn content was notably influenced by sources of nutrients with the highest results under the application of ½ RDF + PM. Higher values for Fe and Zn content of grain were reported in the case of 22 days old seedlings with no significant difference to the rest of the seedling ages. Furthermore, the age of seedlings didn’t have a significant effect on post-harvest soil Physico-chemical properties however a significant improvement was noted in plots fertilized with ½ RDF + PM.

Keywords: nutrient uptake, seedling age, sweet corn, transplanting