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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 9, Issue 1, Published on 30, June 2023

Pages: 98-102
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Study of combining ability over the environments in line x tester crosses in Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera L.)

Author: Iqbal Ahmed, R. B. Dubey

Category: Research Article


Three different locations were chosen to conduct the experiment to get information on combining ability including 65 genotypes of Ashwagandha. Analysis of variance indicated that experimental material contained considerable variability and both specific combining ability along with general combining ability effects are involved in the genetic expression of characters; furthermore, SCA, as well as GCA, were highly influenced by the environment. The GCA effects over the environments disclosed that among parents, L9, L5, L14, L15, and T3 were excellent hence these are identified as good general combiners in terms of several root attributing traits besides root yield at dry basis, while, six crosses L8xT1, L10xT1, L12xT1, L15xT2, L1xT3, and L4xT3 were reported superior specific combiner for economic important trait dry root yield per plant. The above selected genotypes may be useful for further crop improvement breeding programs.

Keywords: ashwagandha, dry root yield, environments