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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 9, Issue 1, Published on 30, June 2023

Pages: 164-176
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Nanotechnology in agriculture: Prospect, opportunities and challenges

Author: Parul Gupta, Mohit Sharma, Sonal Sharma

Category: Review Article


Ensuring food security in emerging nations is extremely difficult due to the low agricultural sector output, depletion of natural resources, significant post-farming losses, lack of value addition, and rapid population expansion. Researchers are working to implement novel breeding technologies to improve the supply and close the gap between food supply and demand. Uses of conventional farming technologies are not so much productive and effective as they are time consuming and labor intensive. This necessitates the use of nanotechnology that has the potency to massively influence the agriculture industry by reducing the negative effects of conventional farming techniques on the surroundings and wellness of humanity, boosting farming capacity, sustainability, and food safety, (as enforced by the anticipated rise of global demography) and fostering communal and economic parity. Nanotechnological meddling in farming has promising futures for enhancing nutrient use efficiency via the use of nanoformulations of fertilizers. Further, it knocks out the farming output hurdles through the blending of biotechnology with nanoscience and targeted and effective vigilance against external pressures. Moreover, it assists scientists in comprehending the molecular-level mechanisms of host-parasite interactions, thereby facilitating the development of new pesticides and carriers that improve efficacy and reduce toxicity. Additionally, nanosensors can be employed to monitor soil quality for agricultural practices. Furthermore, this approach can serve as a milestone in addressing the present challenges faced in the agriculture sector. However, more research is necessary to address the safety and health issues posed by the technology. In this article, we have discussed the various role and prospects of nanotechnology in agriculture.

Keywords: agriculture, nanoformulation, nanoparticles, nanosensors, nanotechnology