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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Online First, for coming issue

Pages: 27-35

Date of Publication: 04-Aug-2023

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In-vitro screening of antagonistic potential of native endophyte strains of banana (Musa spp.) against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense TR4 causing Fusarium wilt of banana

Author: Manoj Kumar Prajapati, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Meenakshi Dwivedi

Category: Research Article


The experiment was done in the Department of Plant Pathology, RPCAU, Pusa, Bihar during 2021-22 to identify the antagonistic potential of native endophytes of bananas against FocTR4. An in-vitro investigation revealed that only four bacterial endophytes, GNBE4, GNBE9, GNBE12, and GNBE14, showed significant antagonistic effects against FocTR4out of 18 screened endophytes (13 bacterial and 5 fungal) of banana. The GNBE4 (Alcaligens sp.) showed maximum mycelial inhibition (75.18%), followed by GNBE9 (Stenotrophomonas maltophilia) (71.90%) and GNBE12 (Staphylococcus warneri) (70.69%), while lowest in GNBE14 (Bacillus subtilis) (61.07%). Among the fungal endophytes, the maximum mycelial growth inhibition was shown in RzFE and LfFE (42.78%) followed by PsdFE (36.11%), while lowest in PtFE1 (26.67%). Apart from that already identified antagonistic PGPR like Pseudomonas fluorescens was obtained from the Department of Microbiology were tested which significantly suppressed the mycelial growth of fungus having a mycelial inhibition of 70.01 %.

Keywords: antagonism, banana, endophytes, FocTR4, P. fluorescens