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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 1 Issue 2, Published on 31, December 2015

Pages: 47-52
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Study of Physicochemical Parameters in Selected Ponds of Athiyannoor Block Panchayat, Kerala

Author: Aswathy Ashok J.A, Reshma John, Anu Mathew, Rajesh Raghunath, Asha M.S. Nair



The present study was carried out in 37 ponds of 5 panchayaths within Athiyannoor Block in Thiruvananthapuram dist., Kerala, India. Water samples were collected from the ponds for the analysis of physico-chemical parameters. The physico-chemical factors have great importance in defining the trophic status of aquatic habitats. The gathering of different types of pollutants and nutrients through the municipal effluents, and agricultural activities in to the ponds makes alterations in the physico-chemical features of fresh water. Present work was conducted to examine water quality of Athiyannoor pond due of its prominence in ground water recharging, irrigation and drinking purposes. The temperature varied between 26.5 and 29.6?C, EC between 49.19 and 517.70µS, the value of pH ranges between 4.51 and 7.7. The values observed were not within the acceptable range (6.5-8.5) of WHO for natural waters, DO was found to be between 10.96mg/L and 0.62mg/L. Outcomes of physico-chemical factors of numerous ponds studied in the present investigation clearly showed that the water is not good for human consumption. So there is an immediate need of restoration, improvement and proper management of these underground water bodies for the human and environment.

Keywords: alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, hardness, temperature