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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 8, Issue 2, Published on 31, December 2022

Pages: 14-20
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Effect of incorporation of little millet (Panicum miliare), flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum) and black gram (Vigna mungo) powders on physico-chemical attributes of ready to cook idli mix

Author: Srishti Upadhyay, Anamika Das, Prafull Kumar, John David, Sangeeta Shukla, Shalini B. Masih

Category: Research Article


Idli is a traditional fermented steamed product having a soft and spongy texture and is widely consumed as a breakfast food item in India. In the present investigation, idli mix was prepared using different combinations of Rawa, Little Millet, Flaxseed Powder and Black Gram. Rawa and Little Millet was added in the ratio of 90:10, 80:20, 70:30, 60:40, 50:50, 40:60, 30:70, 20:80, 10:90 and 00:100 and 5 percent flaxseed powder was added to each. Physico-chemical analysis shows that with the increase in little millet powder, fat content, ash content, crude fiber content, loose bulk density, packed bulk density and flowability increased. Protein content, carbohydrate content, total solids content and acidity content decreased with increase in the little millet powder. Idli mix powder based on little millet have enhanced nutritional properties as little millet contribute to increased fiber content, increased vitamin and mineral content.

Keywords: black gram, flaxseed, idli mix, little millet, physico-chemical properties