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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 8, Issue 2, Published on 31, December 2022

Pages: 162-167
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Comparative evaluation of functional properties of composite flours made from Amaranth, Rice and raw Banana

Author: Salunke Shivam, Genitha Immanuel

Category: Research Article


Exploring the functionality of composite flours from Rice, Amaranth and Raw banana for various food products can be advantageous in food industry as it has more benefits. Therefore the purpose of the plan of the current study is to examine the functional characteristics of these composite flours at various proportions. Composite flours were blended in six treatments in the ratio of 100:0:0 (T0), 0:100:0 (T00), 49:49:2 (T1), 48:48:4 (T2), 47:47:6 (T3) and 46:46:8 (T4) respectively. The different functional properties of the blend such as water absorption capacity, oil absorption capacity, swelling capacity and foaming capacity were determined. It was revealed that the capacity for water and oil absorption was decreased for T00 and decreased with the addingpercentage of raw banana powder in the flour blend from T1 to T4. Also the foaming measurement and swelling measurement of the flour blend ranged between 8% to 14% and 8ml to 17ml respectively. These flours can be used for making the pasta and similar products, because of its high nutritional quality which is beneficial for human health.

Keywords: amaranth flour, composite flours, functional properties, raw banana powder, rice flour