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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 9, Issue 1, Published on 30, June 2023

Pages: 103-107
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Potentiality of nano minerals to combat ill effect of rice gruel feeding in ruminants

Author: Pratik Balkrishna Shete, J. Ramesh, R. Karunakaran, P. Raja, C. Bandeswaran

Category: Research Article


The study was carried out to assess the potentiality of nano minerals to prevent the negative impact of the rice gruel diet on the ruminants by conducting two experiments. In the first experiment, the pH and gas production of rice gruel was determined on the graded level of rice gruel gas production technique. In the second experiment, the level showing the lowest pH and highest gas production was selected for the demonstration of the effect of supplementing nano minerals (nano copper and nano cobalt) along with urea on pH, gas production and total volatile fatty acid. In the first experiment, it was found that the pH was lowest (p<0.05) and gas production was highest (p<0.05) for 80% rice gruel + 20% green grass, which was selected as basal diet in the second experiment. In the second experiment, the nano minerals at 12.22 mg/kg of copper and 0.25 mg/kg of cobalt and 7.5 mg / 100 g of urea were found to resist (p<0.05) the pH change, decreased (0.05) gas production and improved (p<0.05) total volatile fatty acid production. From this study, it can be inferred that the negative impact of the rice gruel-based diet can be reduced by supplementing the nano forms of copper and cobalt along with the urea.

Keywords: gas production, In vitro gas production technique, pH, volatile fatty acid