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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Online First, for coming issue

Pages: 159-167

Date of Publication: 18-Oct-2023

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Studies on variability parameters and correlations in Soybean (Glycine max) germplasm for seed quality characters

Author: B. Supriya, Y. Bharathi, M. Rajender Reddy, S. N. C. V. L. Pushpavalli

Category: Research Article


Eighty-four soybean germplasm lines were tested for seed quality traits. The analysis of variance was performed and all the germplasm lines significantly differed for the characters viz., Percentage of germination, Seedling vigour index-I, Field emergence percent, Seedling vigour index-II, Electrical conductivity, and Moisture percentage. The correlation and variability studies were done for quality parameters in seed for eighty-four germplasm lines and results obtained were noted with high heritability and genetic advance along with large variability for Seedling vigor index-I, Seedling vigor index-II and electrical conductivity of seed leachates. The percentage of germination exhibited positive correlation with Seedling vigor index I and II along with field emergence and negative correlation with electrical conductivity. Genotypes GP-186, ASB-135, GP-142, GP-104, GP-145, ASB-114, ASB-15, ASB-104, GP-174, ASB-101, ASB-139, Aisb-50, Basara, Js-335 and Js-93-05 recorded superior seed quality parameters.

Keywords: correlation coefficients, germination, heritability, seed quality