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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Online First, for coming issue

Pages: 186-195

Date of Publication: 19-Oct-2023

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Impact of site specific nutrient omission technique on growth, yield and quality of QPM

Author: Bilkees Jamsheed, Tauseef A Bhat, Bisma Jan, Amal Saxena, Aijaz Nazir, Khursheed Ahmad Dar, Suhail Fayaz, Hadiya Kounsar, Javeed Ahmad Bhat, Sheikh Danish Bashir

Category: Research Article


Maize holds immense importance as the most widely cultivated crop on a global scale. It exhibits remarkable responsiveness to the external application of fertilizers and the optimal doses of nutrients are essential to augment the growth as well as yield characteristics of maize. Therefore, to investigate the nutrient omission impact on crop growth and yield of quality protein maize (LQMH-1 hybrid) under SSNM application of nutrients, a study was performed at an Agricultural Research Farm, FoA, Wadura, SKUAST Kashmir, India, during Kharif season 2021. The experiment comprised of eight treatments viz., absolute control (T1), NPK (T2), NPKZnS (T3), PKZnS (-N) (T4), NKZnS (-P) (T5), NPZnS (-K) (T6), NPKS (-Zn) (T7) and NPKZn5 (-S) (T8) in RCBD experimental design with three replications. The application of NPKZnS led to a substantial increase in yield metrics, including cob length, cob diameter, ear height, grain rows per cob, and seed index. The treatment (T3) attained a significantly higher leaf area index of 5.82 at 60 DAS with CGR of 2.78g m-2 day-1 at 60-90 DAS and RGR of 52.74 mg g-1 day-1 between 30-60 DAS and also recorded maximum protein content (9.5%). Among the omission of nutrients, nitrogen was found to be the most limiting nutrient that drastically reduced LAI, CGR, RGR, yield characters, and protein content of maize which was trailed by P omission and K omission. However, the omission of Zn and S had the least significant impact on the performance of the QPM hybrid.

Keywords: crop growth rate, leaf area index, nutrient omission, quality protein maize, seed index