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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 10, Issue 1, Published on 30, June 2024

Pages: 154-161
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Disorders of forestomach in large ruminants: A review

Author: Saksham Mandawat, Rashmi Singh, Vikas Galav, Sharda Kilaka, Akanksha Choudhary, Anita Sewag

Category: Review Article


In countries like India where growth of human population is a major problem, livestock products are major source of nutrition to fulfil the demands of this large growing population. Disorder affecting the forestomach of large ruminants pose a significant challenge to livestock productivity. This review presents important findings on understanding ruminal disorder, diagnostic techniques and their treatment of common clinical conditions like ruminal acidosis, bloat, ruminal impaction, reticulo-peritonitis, and predisposing factors such as nutrition, management practices and environmental factors have been explained. The currently available diagnostic techniques, advanced imaging laboratory techniques, their timely assessment have been discussed in detail. The diagnosis of the disorders through various diagnostic methods and subsequent treatment methods, dietary adjustments and precautions to be taken to protect the livestock from the effects of these disorders have been described. Animal welfare requires the availability of animal nutrition for clinical solution to diseases and a holistic approach towards treatment of disease.

Keywords: advanced imaging techniques, disorder, forestomach