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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 2 Issue 2, Published on 31, December 2016

Pages: 54-58
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Activity Screening of Selected Fruit Peels to Check its Efficacy in Commercial Paneer

Author: Aalolam K. P., Anu John, Nayanathara A. R., Reshma J. K.

Category: Research Article


The aim of this investigation was to evaluate the activity of some selected fruit peel extracts (Punica granatum, Malus domestica, Citrus sinensis, Vitis vinifera and Citrullus lanatus) as potential source of natural antioxidant in Paneer to improve its shelf life, replacing the synthetic products. The ethanol extract of selected fruit peels were analyzed to check the peroxide value reduction in paneer. In the results obtained, the ability of 2% antioxidant extracts to perform peroxide reduction in Paneer after 8 consecutive days was in the following order, Punica granatum > Malus domestica > Vitis vinifera > Citrus sinensis > Citrullus lanatus. Concluding, the peels of selected fruits can be considered as a potential source of antioxidants that can be utilized in food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries instead of toxic synthetic antioxidants.