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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 4, Issue 2, Published on 31, December 2018

Pages: 45-50
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Recent advances in chemical methods for remediation of heavy metals contaminated soils: A Review

Author: Aisha A. Waris, Tabinda Athar, Madiha Nisar

Category: Mini Review


Heavy metal remediation has been an important concern of agriculture sector since decades and development of new and sound remediation techniques has become the need of the hour. These potentially harmful and persistent metals (loids) are posing great threat to environment and human health. Chemical remediation techniques are long been used for the remediation of all hazardous metals and to bring them back to safe and acceptable level in soils, but these conventional methodologies have their own setbacks. These techniques ae not cost-effective, consume a lot of time and mostly generate by-products that are toxic in nature. Hence, to overcome these issues, recently scientists have come up with more refined chemical methods to ameliorate heavy metal contamination in soils. In this review, we have highlighted some of the cost-effective and effective chemical methods, including precipitation, ion exchange, and chemical extraction and leaching, nanoremediation, encapsulation and soil washing. All these methods have shown effective results in the recent literature for the efficient removal of heavy metals from the contaminated soils along with economic feasibility.

Keywords: advance techniques, chemical remediation, heavy metal (loids)