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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 6, Issue 2, Published on 31, December 2020

Pages: 74-81
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A review on Gelato: An Italian delicacy

Author: Shuvam Shingh, Rekha Rani, Sarang Kanse

Category: Review Article


Gelato is very popular in the western world and is gaining popularity in India as well. The consumption of low-fat products has been increasing in recent years due to potential health benefits and nutritional advantages. Gelato has received much attention for both its health benefits and amazing taste. It is a fully natural variety of ice cream. Because of its serving condition (i.e. 10-15┬░C lower than traditional ice cream), gelato has a rich mouthfeel and offers a better taste. Vast varieties of different flavors make gelato a unique product as compared to the general ice cream available in the Indian market. Different fruits and horticultural products such as flowers, berries, and aromatic plants can also be incorporated into it. Fresh and natural ingredients such as milk, cream, skimmed milk powder, sugar, egg yolk and WPC (optional) make the gelato a natural and chemical-free delicacy. The health benefits of gelato are very diverse. The antioxidants present in gelato helps to reduce the free radicals which in terms reduces the aging effect on the human body. Regular consumption of gelato can boost the immune system thereby preventing several health hazards. The natural ingredients in the gelato make it costlier than the normal ice cream. The attractive color and delicious taste add beauty to the product. The serving condition and environment also affect consumer perception towards Gelato. Several research studies and advancements are being done to make it more palatable, acceptable, and nutritious.

Keywords: flavors, formulation, gelato, gelato ingredients, health benefits, low-fat product