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EMERGENT LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - Vol 7, Issue 1, Published on 30, June 2021

Pages: 7-13
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Household dynamics and livelihood dependence on Bergenia ciliata in Rural Kashmir, India

Author: Nida Rafiq, G. M. Bhat, M. A. Islam, Saima Farooq, Megna Rashid Bakshi, Huzaifa Majeed, Rayees Ahmad Bhat, Shahnaz Fatima

Category: Research Article


Bergenia ciliata L. is a rhizomatic herb with fleshy leaves, growing up to 30 cm tall, belonging to Family Saxifragaceae. In Kashmir, it is locally called as Patherphand, Zakhm-e-hayat, Pahand, Pashanbhed etc. Purposive sampling technique was employed in the area of study (Central districts Ganderbal and Srinagar).The study investigated the collection, consumption and sale of Bergenia ciliata and its contribution to household income and employment besides analyzing the factors influencing the Bergenia ciliata exploitation in the locality using Ex-Post-Facto Research Design. Purposive sampling technique was employed in the area of study (Central districts Ganderbal and Srinagar). The total average collection/annum/family of Bergenia ciliata was 75.4 kg, and from the collection 69.5 kg were processed, 5.9 kgs were used for consumption/annum. Average sale/annum was 63.6 kg, generating a total average gross income of ?8050.00, with a total average net income of ?6966.66 and providing average employment of 184.66 man-days/family/annum. Household characteristics influencing the Bergenia ciliata livelihood in the locality indicated that among the respondents, who were engaged in the Bergenia trade in the surveyed area, (83.33%) were old aged, 23.3 %were illiterate and 81.66% of respondents were having large-sized families, 63.33% were marginal farmers, 48.33% possessed livestock between 6 to 10. Proximity to the forests was 1.83 km where the surveyed households visited frequently. The area owned under Agroforestry/homestead forestry plantation was mostly (< 0.10 ha) for (53.33%) of the households. A considerable number of households were found mostly depend on Bergenia ciliata collection and sale for their subsistence as well as livelihood earnings in the area of study.

Keywords: Bergenia cilita, collection, consumption, employment, marketing