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      <JournalTitle>Emergent Life Sciences Research</JournalTitle>
      <PISSN>2395-6658 (</PISSN>
      <EISSN>) 2395-664X (Print)</EISSN>
      <Volume-Issue>Vol 4, Issue 2, Published on 31</Volume-Issue>
      <Season>December 2018</Season>
      <ArticleType>Review Article</ArticleType>
      <ArticleTitle>Immunomodulatory potential of synbiotics and phytochemicals A Review</ArticleTitle>
          <FirstName>Amandeep Kaur</FirstName>
      <Abstract>In the present time, the cost and side effects of commonly used synthetic medicines raise a need to develop alternative therapeutic agents. Natural/ medicinal plants and their products/ secondary metabolites are most acceptable, cost effective and safer alternatives to synthetic drugs. Various plant extracts and purified compounds have been evaluated for their biological activities like Piperine, Quercetin, Genistein, Ellagic acid and terpenoid for immunomodulatory activity. Experimental and clinical work revealed that probiotics and many medicinal plants are safe immunomodulators. Moreover, immunomodulatory efficacy of probiotics can be enhanced by prebiotics and that of medicinal plants by using their effective bioactive components rather than the whole extract. Phytosynbiotics (Prebiotic+ probiotics+ phytochemical) are a new class of food grade supplements which promote metabolic health and improve living. This review article highlights immunomodulatory activity of synbiotics and phytochemicals and their combinatorial use in the form of Phytosynbiotics, proving it a novel therapeutic agent in treatment of various diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and liver diseases. However, the undesirable side effects of medicines have been observed that have caused concern about their long term therapeutic use. This paper may throw some light to prove the ability of the Phytosynbiotics as a novel alternative or adjuvant to chemical drugs to help fight the diseases.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>immunotherapy, phytochemical, phytosynbiotics, synbiotics</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://emergentresearch.org/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=5845&amp;title=Immunomodulatory potential of synbiotics and phytochemicals A Review</Abstract>