Life Sciences Research

(An International Journal)


Pages: 40-48

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

Heterosis phenomenon in mulberry silkworm

Author: Rubia Bukhari, Kritika Sharma, Rayees Ahmad Bhat, Vinod Singh

Category: Review Article

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Bivoltine Silkworm double hybrids are anticipated to have added genetic plasticity to buffer against damaging effects of extremely changeable ambient conditions dominant in countries like India. The occurrence of heterosis and its usefulness in silkworm breeding studies are extensively popular and the assessments of heterosis over mid parent and better parent values are hugely valuable in determining the genetic potential of any silkworm arrangement. Studies on heterotic effect on economic traits results in over dominance and linked favorable dominant gene contributes towards higher productivity. The level of genetic diversity between the two parents used for crossing is a feasible predictor of hybrid performance. Hybrids of bivoltine silkworms are essentially preferred to overcome deleterious environmental effects expected in widely varying agro-climatic conditions during different seasons in a year, and sericultural farmers often require a silkworm hybrid which can possess inherent buffer potential to mitigate such challenges.

Keywords: bivoltine breeds, Bombyx mori, heterosis, hybrid vigour, temperature