Life Sciences Research

(An International Journal)


Pages: 11-17

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

Comparative study on lactic acid production of different lactic acid bacteria through

RP-HPLC method

Author: Bozhil Peev Peev, Yuliana Rumenova Tasheva, Valentina Lubomirova Christova-Bagdassarian, Teodora Petrova Popova, Julieta Asenova Tishkova, Anton Stoichev Tonev

Category: Research Article

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In this study, a simple and reliable HPLC procedure has been developed for determination of lactic acid (LA) in liquid bacterial cultures. The lactic acid concentration is used as a criterion for strain selection. Eight LAB strains have been isolated from silage inoculants and food grade rice seeds. All strains showed the potential to produce more than 0.1 g/L LA, three strains produced LA above 0.8g/L, and one strain has the potential to produce 2.94g/L LA.

Keywords: biogas, bio-resources, fallen leaves, methane, Tectona grandis